As we continue looking at life, and how to live it well and with intent, we come to a place that is uncomfortable for me, and likely will be for you also. I hope you’ll stick around until we get to the end of the article, because this one is something that I believe we all need to hear and think over.

I was in the drive through lane at a local place the other day, when I observed the drivers of the cars behind me and ahead of me not keeping up with traffic. Once I looked closer, the reason became clear. What do you think caused their delays in moving? You’re right! They had their eyes glued to their phones. Annoying, isn’t it, when people are more in tune with their little virtual world than the larger real world around them? Few things fry my bacon more than seeing someone holding up progress because they can’t put the stupid phone down!

Can I get a witness?

Are We Addicted to Impatience?

In the midst of my (un)righteous indignation, was suddenly struck by something. In this situation, did I really have a right to be angry? Was I guiltless in my indignation towards them? When I get angry in these kinds of situations, am I really just being hypocritical? This made me realize that there’s more going on here than meets the eye.

Could it be that their lack of attention, and my lack of patience, are fed by the same source? That the drive that keeps them eternally engaged with their phones, is the identical drive that leads me to want to push them out of the way? Could it be that here I am nothing more than the pot calling the kettle black?
Could it be that we both are simply incapable of…waiting?

I don’t mean to say that we’re incapable of waiting well. I’m saying we’re apparently incapable of waiting at all. Sadly, it seems that this is becoming epidemic in its proportions.

Is There a Connection Between Impatience and Your Cell Phone?

This hit me as I was sitting there steaming away. What if their addiction to their phone, and the anger that I feel from their constant focus on it, are connected? That our mutual incapability to wait is the motivation behind our faults? That this world of instantaneous whatever, has genuinely disconnected us from the ability to wait? What would be the implication of this? I’m almost afraid to consider it, yet I must.

If I am to face the impatience that so often pops up when I am “inconvenienced,” I must. If I am to avoid condemnation of others for the same things that I am also guilty of, I must. If I am to learn to patiently wait, not demanding for myself but yielding to others and their interests, I must.

What about you? Where do you find yourself in this?

I hope, for your sake and the good of others, that you will look deeply into your own life to uncover and address any areas like this that exist for you.

Waiting is part of life. We might just as well get used to it, and good at it. Pardon me as I run out for lunch, to wait in line, this time with more empathy and patience…